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The Partners is an exclusive network of the best recruiters, with proven expertise, capability and talent networks. Our Partners have the back office support of a robust agency set up, with the independence and flexibility of being a solo practitioners.

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We’re unlike any other agency.


The Partners is built with highly experienced recruiters, who have a thorough understanding of their fields and decades of relationships with clients and candidates ensuring their network is expansive and delivers in all areas required for an efficient and effective recruitment process.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients think…

Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind. I have had the pleasure of working with The Partners a few times in the past 6 months, they found some incredible talents to support my team at TGB.

I am impressed by their work ethic and communication skills. But what makes The Partners stand out is their willingness to help others. I am glad to have worked with them and I am sure we’ll be working together again in the future!

We brought in The Partners as a lot of the freelancers we require are last minute and we needed a recruitment partner who already had a strong network of candidates and understood our processes to get things moving right away.


Our Products.


Harness The Partners vast network, refined through years of specialised knowledge and experience. They meticulously select the top 10% of freelancers. Stay ahead of your competitors by proactively building your talent pool with the best talent the market has to offer.

K Bookings filled in 30 minutes
K IR35 Compliant & insured
K Freedom to book candidates 24/7
K All candidates paid weekly
K Dedicated Account Manager
K We build your talent pool
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Freelance Recruitment
Branded Search Recruitment

Branded Search

Amplify your employer brand, boost response rates, and connect with top-tier talent in the market through our branded search product. You’ll have exclusive access to a dedicated Partner who seamlessly integrates into your internal talent team. They will expertly execute a fully branded ad campaign, all bundled within the price.

K Branded job ad campaigns
K Branded premiuim LinkedIn job posts
K Dedicated recruiter working in your team
K Recruitment technology supplied
K Extensive outreach to targetted candidates
K Phone screening of ALL candidates
K Full recruitment process management
K Cost effective, exclusive process
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Unlock the full potential of our pre-vetted talent pool, carefully curated by our expert Partners. Their in-depth market knowledge enables us to provide instant access to talent whenever you need it. Our Partners work on a success fee basis, ensuring peace of mind that you only pay for results. Every candidate we present comes with a guarantee period, protecting your investment. Benefit from our trusted network and secure the right talent for your team with confidence.

K We shoulder the risk, only pay when you hire
K Instant access to specialist talent
K Expert industry knowledge
K Candidate guarentee period as standard
K Delivering the best candidates quickly
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Contingency Recruitment
The Partners

Who are we?

We believe that masters of their craft work best when given the freedom to do things their own way. Clients get the very best in professional talent delivery, combined with the uniqueness of approach that they want from a specialist that is not constrained by the corporate rigidity of an agency that is hell bent on KPI’s that deliver quantity and not quality.

That’s why we created The Partners, an exclusive network of the best recruiters from the creative, technology, product and finance sectors, that combines the back office support of a robust agency with the independence and flexibility of being a solo practitioner.

And because each of our Partners is growing their own business, they are focussed on creating lasting relationships with their portfolio of clients, building teams, and ultimately their own profitable practice, where the employer’s satisfaction is at the heart of every decision that they make.

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